How To Bring your Product to The Federal Market

So you want to sell your product to the federal marketplace: now what? The federal marketplace for healthcare and bioscience products is a large ecosystem. There are local, regional, and national systems, a variety of contract vehicles used, and plenty of federal stakeholders involved in the process. There is no single pathway that represents how … Read more

Who’s Who in SA: Jean Jiang, Ph.D.

Jean Jiang currently studies gap junctions in cell membranes that facilitate cell-to-cell messages and ion travel. She has developed antibody therapeutics that target neuro-inflammatory injuries for reductions in local inflammation and scarring. This mechanism enables neurons to regenerate and improve recovery from spinal cord injury. She has also developed an antibody therapeutic for breast cancer … Read more

Get a Head Start on Your Marketing Strategy Before FDA Approval

One of the biggest mistakes you can make while waiting for FDA approval is to think you can’t start working on your marketing strategy. This simply isn’t true. It’s true that a device that doesn’t yet have FDA marketing clearance is considered “investigational” and cannot be advertised or promoted. You definitely can’t start taking orders … Read more

Who’s Who in SA: Chiung-Yu Hung

Chiung-Yu Hung, Ph.D. studies pathogen interactions and is currently focused on developing treatments and a vaccine for Valley Fever (coccidiodes). This fungus lives in the soil in the southwestern US, Mexico, and parts of Central and South Amercia. An estimated 150,000 people are affected annually in the US with pulmonary issues as the primary result, … Read more

The Latest in Market & Competitive Intelligence

Bringing a new technology or invention to market is a long and arduous process. From conception to financing, from understanding the market and keeping tabs on competitors, the journey can be like threading a needle. Below are key questions that companies should answer and periodically update. Who are your competitors and how dominant are they? … Read more

Who’s Who in SA: Scott Jones, Ph.D.

Scott Jones, Ph.D., is the Senior VP and Chief Scientific Officer at BioBridge Global. His expertise involves donor screening, cell and gene therapy testing, and analytical develompent. He leads custom assay development projects, including the establishment of BioBridge Global’s CGMP cellular therapy testing services. He was the technical leader in the Community Labs launch during … Read more

Texas is a Great Place for the new ARPA-H Headquarters

Congress has recently approved the establishment of the Advanced Research Projects Agency for Health (ARPA-H). This new agency will fund groundbreaking biomedical research (high risk, high reward) to transform healthcare. The director has been chosen (Dr. Renee Wegrzyn), but the location has not. Texas is an ideal location for the new agency, as a centrally … Read more

Free SBIR Proposal Review Board

BioMedSA members with successful grant experience have volunteered to review SBIR proposals in order to increase the win rate for our community. The volunteers will have signed a confidentiality agreement prior to the review, but entrepreneurs are encouraged to redact any confidential information. Companies will need to plan for the anticipated review process times as … Read more

Using cryo-EM technology to flash-freeze proteins can generate clues to curing disease

Using cryo-EM technology to flash-freeze proteins can generate clues to curing disease When physicians observe or hear of symptoms in their patients, they order CT scans, MRIs or other types of imaging analysis to understand the causes. Clinical imaging, however, does not illuminate the processes of life that occur deeper within, at the level of … Read more

Who’s Who in SA: Marsha C. Kinney, M.D.

Marsha C. Kinney, M.D., is the Rank M. Townsend Professor and Chair of the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine at UT Health San Antonio. She also directs the Division of Hematopathology, including patient care, training, and academic activities. Her research includes the study of lymphoid neoplasms, involving the diagnosis, classification and pathogenesis. Her work … Read more


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