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San Antonio has many companies and organizations seeking to advance patient healthcare through innovative care and research. Fostered by our collaborative culture and networking opportunities, companies have access to biomedical resources across the industry. To explore funded research projects in San Antonio and/or look for potential collaborators, click here.


10BitWorksMfg (Non-tissue)

3M HealthCare-Medical Solutions

3M HealthCare-Medical SolutionsTrauma/Regenerative MedicineMedical Device

59th Medical Wing

59th Medical WingInfectious Disease, Neurological Disorders, Trauma/Regenerative MedicineClinical Trials, Military, Research

Actionable Transitions LLC

Actionable Transitions LLCOtherConsulting/Contracting

Active Capital

Active CapitalVC/Investors

Addiction Research, Treatment & Training Center (ARTT)

Addiction Research, Treatment & Training Center (ARTT)Neurological Disorders, OtherClinical Care

Advanced Genomic Solutions

Advanced Genomic SolutionsOtherClinical Testing/Diagnostics

Advanced Surgical Retractor Systems

Advanced Surgical Retractor SystemsOtherMedical Device

Age Industries

Age IndustriesMfg (Non-tissue)

AirStrip Technologies, Inc.

AirStrip Technologies, Inc.OtherMedical Device

Ajeya P. Joshi, MD

Ajeya P. Joshi, MDTrauma/Regenerative Medicine

Al Phahelix Biometrics Inc

Al Phahelix Biometrics IncCancer, Diabetes, Neurological DisordersConsulting/Contracting, Pharmaceuticals, R&D, Research, Therapeutics

AlaMab Therapeutics

AlaMab TherapeuticsOther, Trauma/Regenerative MedicineMedical Device, Mfg (Cell/Tissue), Therapeutics

Alamo Angels

Alamo AngelsVC/Investors

Alamo Biologics

Alamo BiologicsTrauma/Regenerative MedicineMedical Device, Mfg (Cell/Tissue), Therapeutics

Alamo Colleges

Alamo CollegesEducation

Alamo Laboratories

Alamo LaboratoriesOtherConsulting/Contracting, Pharmaceuticals, Therapeutics


All-PlasticsMfg (Non-tissue)

Alliance Spine

Alliance SpineTrauma/Regenerative MedicineMedical Device

Alpha Diagnostic Intl.

Alpha Diagnostic Intl.OtherConsulting/Contracting, Pharmaceuticals, Therapeutics

American Triple I Partners

American Triple I PartnersCommunity Members

Angelic Medical Designs

Angelic Medical DesignsTrauma/Regenerative MedicineDistributor/Sales

Applied Research Associates

Applied Research AssociatesNeurological Diseases, Trauma/Regenerative MedicineConsulting/Contracting, Medical Device, R&D, Software

Astrocyte Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Astrocyte Pharmaceuticals Inc.Neurological DiseasesTherapeutics

B&B Diagnostics

B&B DiagnosticsOtherMedical Device


BAMCInfectious Disease, Neurological Disorders, Trauma/Regenerative MedicineClinical Trials, Military, Research

Barshop Institute for Longevity and Aging Studies

Barshop Institute for Longevity and Aging StudiesNeurological Diseases, OtherResearch

Barshop Ventures

Barshop VenturesVC/Investors

Bartlett Cocke General Contractors

Bartlett Cocke General ContractorsCommunity Members


BDOtherMedical Device

Bexar County

Bexar CountyEconomic Development/Accelerator

Bexar County Medical Society

Bexar County Medical SocietyAssociation

BIO2 Medical

BIO2 MedicalOtherMedical Device

bioAffinity Technologies, Inc

bioAffinity Technologies, IncCancerMedical Device, Therapeutics

BioBridge Global

BioBridge GlobalOtherClinical Care, Clinical Trials, Research

BioComp Pharma

BioComp PharmaOtherConsulting/Contracting, Mfg (Cell/Tissue), Pharmaceuticals, Therapeutics

Biodynamic Research Corp

Biodynamic Research CorpTrauma/Regenerative MedicineClinical Care, Research

Biogenics Research Institute

Biogenics Research InstituteOtherClinical Care, Clinical Trials, Research

Biomedical Development Corporation

Biomedical Development CorporationTrauma/Regenerative MedicineMedical Device



Bionumerik Pharmaceuticals Inc

Bionumerik Pharmaceuticals IncOtherPharmaceuticals

Bluegrass Vascular Technologies, Inc.

Bluegrass Vascular Technologies, Inc.OtherMedical Device

Bone Bank Allografts

Bone Bank AllograftsTrauma/Regenerative MedicineDistributor/Sales

Brain Health Consortium

Brain Health ConsortiumNeurological Diseases

Brain Sentinel

Brain SentinelNeurological DiseasesMedical Device


BramcoMfg (Non-tissue)

Bridge PTS

Bridge PTSInfectious Disease, Trauma/Regenerative MedicinePre-Clinical

Broadway Bank

Broadway BankCommunity Members

Brooke Army Medical Center

Brooke Army Medical CenterInfectious Disease, Neurological Disorders, Trauma/Regenerative MedicineClinical Trials, Military, Research


BrooksCommunity Members

Can Opener Labs

Can Opener LabsMfg (Non-tissue)

Cancer Insight, LLC

Cancer Insight, LLCCancerClinical Trials

Cedra Clinical Research

Cedra Clinical ResearchOtherClinical Trials

Cell Bridge Strategies

Cell Bridge StrategiesTrauma/Regenerative MedicineConsulting/Contracting

Cellright Technologies

Cellright TechnologiesTrauma/Regenerative MedicineMedical Device, Mfg (Cell/Tissue), Therapeutics

CeloNova Biosciences, Inc.

CeloNova Biosciences, Inc.OtherMedical Device

Center for Biomedical Neurosciences

Center for Biomedical NeurosciencesNeurological DiseasesClinical Care, Research

Center for Community Based and Applied Health Research

Center for Community Based and Applied Health ResearchOtherResearch

Center for Innovative Drug Discovery

Center for Innovative Drug DiscoveryCancer, Infectious Disease, OtherClinical Care, Research

Center for Medical Humanities and Ethics

Center for Medical Humanities and EthicsOtherEducation

Center for Renal Precision Medicine

Center for Renal Precision MedicineDiabetes, OtherClinical Care, Research

Center for Research to Advance Community Health (ReACH)

Center for Research to Advance Community Health (ReACH)OtherResearch

Center for South Texas Programs

Center for South Texas ProgramsOtherEducation

Center on Smart and Connected Health Technologies

Center on Smart and Connected Health TechnologiesOtherClinical Trials, Software

CFB Interests, LLC

CFB Interests, LLCVC/Investors

Cherokee Nation

Cherokee NationConsulting/Contracting, Military

Christus Health

Christus HealthCancer, Diabetes, Infectious Disease, Neurological Disorders, Other, Trauma/Regenerative MedicineClinical Care, Research

Chromosome 18 Registry & Research Society

Chromosome 18 Registry & Research SocietyOtherResearch


CircuitlifeOtherMedical Device

City of San Antonio

City of San AntonioCommunity Members

Clarity Child Guidance Center

Clarity Child Guidance CenterOtherClinical Care

Clinical Trials of Texas

Clinical Trials of TexasDiabetes, Infectious Disease, Neurological Disorders, OtherClinical Trials

Coalition for National Trauma Research

Coalition for National Trauma ResearchTrauma/Regenerative MedicineResearch

Conceptual Mindworks Inc

Conceptual Mindworks IncInfectious DiseaseConsulting/Contracting, Military, Pharmaceuticals


COVVI USA, INCTrauma/Regenerative MedicineMedical Device


CoxMfg (Non-tissue)

CPS Energy

CPS EnergyCommunity Members

Crown Scientific

Crown ScientificInfectious DiseaseEconomic Development/Accelerator, Pre-Clinical, Research, Therapeutics

Custom Interventional Pain Management (CIPM)

Custom Interventional Pain Management (CIPM)OtherMfg (Non-tissue), Pharmaceuticals

Cytobioscience, Inc.

Cytobioscience, Inc.Consulting/Contracting, Research

Dan wadsworth

Dan wadsworthConsulting/Contracting, Medical Device

Diagnostic Research Group

Diagnostic Research GroupDiabetes, Infectious Disease, OtherClinical Trials

Dominion Aesthetic Technologies, Inc.

Dominion Aesthetic Technologies, Inc.OtherMedical Device

DPT Laboratories

DPT LaboratoriesMfg (Non-tissue), Pharmaceuticals, Therapeutics

Dynamic Entropy Technologies

Dynamic Entropy TechnologiesCancer, Infectious Disease, OtherConsulting/Contracting, Research

Eagle Global Scientific

Eagle Global ScientificInfectious Disease, Trauma/Regenerative MedicineClinical Trials, Consulting/Contracting, Military, Research

Eagle Health Analytics

Eagle Health AnalyticsInfectious Disease, Neurological Diseases, Trauma/Regenerative MedicineConsulting/Contracting, Military, Research

Elevate Systems

Elevate SystemsOtherConsulting/Contracting


EmergenceMedOther, Trauma/Regenerative MedicineConsulting/Contracting, Medical Device, Military, R&D

Endeavor Clinical Trials

Endeavor Clinical TrialsDiabetes, OtherClinical Trials


EnventureEconomic Development/Accelerator, Education

EO2 Concepts, Inc.

EO2 Concepts, Inc.Trauma/Regenerative MedicineMedical Device


ErgoMedCancer, Infectious DiseaseClinical Trials

Evestra, Inc.

Evestra, Inc.OtherPharmaceuticals

Exquisite Biomedical Consulting

Exquisite Biomedical ConsultingClinical Trials, QARA

Fe3 Medical

Fe3 MedicalOtherMedical Device

First Inspires

First InspiresEducation


FNA PenOtherMedical Device

Footprint Medical

Footprint MedicalOtherMedical Device

Forge Applied Science & Technology

Forge Applied Science & TechnologyInfectious Disease, Neurological DiseasesMedical Device, R&D

Foundation for Advancing Veterans Health Research (FAVHR)

Foundation for Advancing Veterans Health Research (FAVHR)OtherClinical Trials

Fountainhead Investment Partners

Fountainhead Investment PartnersVC/Investors

Fox Tech High School

Fox Tech High SchoolEducation

Frost Bank

Frost BankCommunity Members

Gait IQ

Gait IQNeurological DiseasesMedical Device


GencureOther, Trauma/Regenerative MedicineMfg (Cell/Tissue), Research

Genemed Synthesis Inc

Genemed Synthesis IncOtherConsulting/Contracting, Mfg (Cell/Tissue), Research



Geneva Foundation

Geneva FoundationOtherContracting/Consulting, Military, Research

Germaine Laboratories, Inc

Germaine Laboratories, IncOtherConsulting/Contracting, Medical Device, Pharmaceuticals

Glasir Medical, LP

Glasir Medical, LPTrauma/Regenerative MedicineMedical Device

Glenn Biggs Institute for Alzheimer’s & Neurodegenerative Diseases

Glenn Biggs Institute for Alzheimer’s & Neurodegenerative DiseasesNeurological Diseases, OtherClinical Care, Research

Greehey Children’s Cancer Research Institute’s (GCCRI)

Greehey Children’s Cancer Research Institute’s (GCCRI)CancerClinical Care, Research

Greene and Associates

Greene and AssociatesOtherConsulting/Contracting, Education

Gunter Medical

Gunter MedicalOtherDistributor/Sales

GW Plastics

GW PlasticsMfg (Non-tissue)

Health Careers High School

Health Careers High SchoolEducation

Health Cell

Health CellAssociation

Health Collaborative

Health CollaborativeOtherCommunity Members

Health Information Organization (HASA)

Health Information Organization (HASA)OtherClinical Care, Software

Healthcare Think Tank

Healthcare Think TankCommunity Members

Helmy Plastics

Helmy PlasticsMfg (Non-tissue)

Henry M Jackson Foundation

Henry M Jackson FoundationOtherContracting/Consulting, Military, Research

Hera Biotech

Hera BiotechOtherMedical Device

HIS Centre

HIS CentreTrauma/Regenerative MedicineEducation, Research

Hyperion Biotechnology

Hyperion BiotechnologyInfectious Disease, OtherClinical Testing/Diagnostics, Consulting/Contracting, Research

iBridge Medical

iBridge MedicalOtherMedical Device

ICON Clinical Research

ICON Clinical ResearchOtherClinical Trials, Consulting/Contracting

INCELL Corporation, LLC

INCELL Corporation, LLCTrauma/Regenerative MedicineMfg (Cell/Tissue)

InCube Labs

InCube LabsOtherMedical Device, Research, Therapeutics

InnoCare Urologics LLC

InnoCare Urologics LLCOtherMedical Device

Institute for Economic Development

Institute for Economic DevelopmentEconomic Development/Accelerator

Institute for Health Disparities Research (IHDR)

Institute for Health Disparities Research (IHDR)OtherResearch

Institute for Health Promotion Research (IHPR)

Institute for Health Promotion Research (IHPR)Cancer, Diabetes, OtherResearch

Institute for Integration of Medicine and Science (IIMS)

Institute for Integration of Medicine and Science (IIMS)OtherResearch

International Tissue

International TissueTrauma/Regenerative MedicineConsulting/Contracting, Mfg (Cell/Tissue)

Invictus Medical

Invictus MedicalOtherMedical Device


ITMMfg (Non-tissue)


iTraumaCareTrauma/Regenerative MedicineMedical Device

Jana Life Sciences

Jana Life SciencesConsulting/Contracting, QARA


JustAirMedical Device


KatenaConsulting/Contracting, Mfg (Non-tissue)

Keystone Clinical Research

Keystone Clinical ResearchNeurological DiseasesClinical Trials

Klein Surgial Systems Inc.

Klein Surgial Systems Inc.Trauma/Regenerative MedicineMedical Device

Knight Aerospace

Knight AerospaceOtherMedical Device

Lauder Enterprises, Inc

Lauder Enterprises, IncOtherMedical Device

Leto Solutions

Leto SolutionsTrauma/Regenerative MedicineMedical Device



Lisa Owens Strategic Marketing & Public Relations

Lisa Owens Strategic Marketing & Public RelationsCommunity Members

Longhorn Vaccines & Diagnostics

Longhorn Vaccines & DiagnosticsInfectious DiseaseMedical Device

Lorem Cytori

Lorem CytoriTrauma/Regenerative MedicineTherapeutics

Luminus Biosciences, Inc.

Luminus Biosciences, Inc.CancerPharmaceuticals, Therapeutics

Maestro Leadership Foundation

Maestro Leadership FoundationEconomic Development

Management Associates

Management AssociatesCommunity Members

Mays Cancer Center

Mays Cancer CenterCancerClinical Care, Research

Medcare Investment Fund

Medcare Investment FundVC/Investors


MedcognitionTrauma/Regenerative MedicineMedical Device


MedtronicDiabetesMedical Device


MetalogixTrauma/Regenerative MedicineMedical Device

Methodist Healthcare System

Methodist Healthcare SystemCancer, Diabetes, Infectious DiseaseClinical Care, Clinical Trials

Metis Foundation

Metis FoundationOtherContracting/Consulting, Military, Research

Metric Medical Devices, Inc

Metric Medical Devices, IncTrauma/Regenerative MedicineMedical Device


MilitaryInfectious Disease, Neurological Disorders, Trauma/Regenerative MedicineClinical Trials, Military, Research

Military Health Institute

Military Health InstituteInfectious Disease, Trauma/Regenerative MedicineEconomic Development/Accelerator

Military Health Research Institute

Military Health Research InstituteOtherContracting/Consulting, Military

Mind Science Foundation

Mind Science FoundationOtherResearch

Mission Pharmacal

Mission PharmacalOtherPharmaceuticals

MR3 Health, Inc.

MR3 Health, Inc.OtherEconomic Development/Accelerator


NAMRUInfectious Disease, Neurological Disorders, Trauma/Regenerative MedicineClinical Trials, Military, Research

National Trauma Institute

National Trauma InstituteTrauma/Regenerative MedicineEconomic Development/Accelerator


NeoNeuronNeurological DisordersMfg (Cell/Tissue), Research

Nerium Biotechnology

Nerium BiotechnologyOtherTherapeutics

Neurosciences Institute

Neurosciences InstituteNeurological DiseasesResearch

New Frontier Labs

New Frontier LabsInfectious DiseasePharmaceuticals, Research, Therapeutics

NEXT Oncology

NEXT OncologyCancerClinical Care, Clinical Trials

Normal Product Design

Normal Product DesignContracting/Consulting, Medical Device


NovotheliumTrauma/Regenerative MedicineMedical Device

NuPak Medical

NuPak MedicalOtherConsulting/Contracting, Mfg (Non-tissue)


NvisionTrauma/Regenerative MedicineConsulting/Contracting, Medical Device, R&D

Olifant Medical

Olifant MedicalTrauma/Regenerative MedicineMedical Device

One Source Medical Group

One Source Medical GroupDiabetes, OtherDistributor/Sales

Owens Recovery Science

Owens Recovery ScienceOther, Trauma/Regenerative MedicineClinical Care, Education

Pelican Therapeutics

Pelican TherapeuticsCancerTherapeutics

Perytor Therapeutics

Perytor TherapeuticsTrauma/Regenerative MedicineMedical Device

Phase One Research Of Tx

Phase One Research Of TxOtherClinical Trials

Phoenix Biotechnology

Phoenix BiotechnologyCancer, Infectious DiseasePharmaceuticals, Therapeutics

Photoprotective Technologies, Inc.

Photoprotective Technologies, Inc.OtherMedical Device

Pinnacle Clinical Research PLLC

Pinnacle Clinical Research PLLCOtherClinical Care, Clinical Trials

Plus Therapeutics

Plus TherapeuticsCancerMfg (Non-tissue), Pharmaceuticals


PrattMfg (Non-tissue)

Precision Group

Precision GroupMfg (Non-tissue)

Pristech Products

Pristech ProductsDistributor/Sales, Medical Device, Mfg (Non-tissue)

ProductWorks Contracting & Consulting

ProductWorks Contracting & ConsultingContracting/Consulting, Medical Device

Progenerative Medical, Inc.

Progenerative Medical, Inc.Trauma/Regenerative MedicineMedical Device

Progressive Clinical Research

Progressive Clinical ResearchOtherClinical Trials



Prototype Development Specialists

Prototype Development SpecialistsMfg (Non-tissue)

Provenir LLC

Provenir LLCOtherClinical Care

Prytime Medical Devices

Prytime Medical DevicesTrauma/Regenerative MedicineMedical Device

Quadrant Biosciences

Quadrant BiosciencesInfectious Disease, Neurological DisordersMedical Device

Quality Bioresources

Quality BioresourcesMfg (Non-tissue)

Qualtex Laboratories

Qualtex LaboratoriesCancer, Diabetes, Infectious DiseaseClinical Care

Quarter Inch Holes

Quarter Inch HolesContracting/Consulting, Medical Device

Radiant Research Inc

Radiant Research IncClinical Trials

Rapamycin Holdings/Emtora

Rapamycin Holdings/EmtoraOtherPharmaceuticals

Rapid Machine

Rapid MachineMfg (Non-tissue)

Rapid Research Hawaiian Shirt Guys LLC

Rapid Research Hawaiian Shirt Guys LLCContracting/Consulting, R&D

RegenTX Partners

RegenTX PartnersTrauma/Regenerative MedicineMfg (Cell/Tissue)

Renovo Concepts

Renovo ConceptsTrauma/Regenerative MedicineMedical Device

Research Imaging Institute

Research Imaging InstituteNeurological Diseases, OtherResearch

Rhodium Scientific

Rhodium ScientificOtherConsulting/Contracting, R&D, Research

Ritter Implants

Ritter ImplantsOther, Trauma/Regenerative MedicineMedical Device

Rochal Industries LLC

Rochal Industries LLCTrauma/Regenerative MedicineMedical Device


SAEDFOtherEconomic Development/Accelerator



Safen Medical

Safen MedicalOtherMedical Device

San Antonio Cellular Therapeutics Institute (SACTI)

San Antonio Cellular Therapeutics Institute (SACTI)Diabetes, Infectious Disease, OtherResearch

San Antonio Chamber of Commerce

San Antonio Chamber of CommerceOtherEconomic Development/Accelerator

San Antonio Lighthouse for the Blind

San Antonio Lighthouse for the BlindMfg (Non-tissue)

San Antonio Medical Foundation

San Antonio Medical FoundationOtherEconomic Development/Accelerator, VC/Investors

San Antonio Military Health System

San Antonio Military Health SystemCancer, Diabetes, Infectious Disease, Neurological Disorders, Other, Trauma/Regenerative MedicineClinical Care, Clinical Trials, Military

San Antonio Partnership for Precision Therapeutics (SAPPT)

San Antonio Partnership for Precision Therapeutics (SAPPT)Infectious Disease, OtherTherapeutics


SantalisOtherPharmaceuticals, Therapeutics

Seno Medical Instruments

Seno Medical InstrumentsCancerMedical Device

South Texas Blood & Tissue Center

South Texas Blood & Tissue CenterInfectious Disease, OtherClinical Care, Research

South Texas Center for Emerging Infectious Diseases (STCEID)

South Texas Center for Emerging Infectious Diseases (STCEID)Infectious DiseaseResearch

South Texas Medical Research

South Texas Medical ResearchClinical Trials

South Texas Poison Center

South Texas Poison CenterOtherEducation, Research

South Texas Research Organizational Network Guiding Studies on Trauma and Resilience

South Texas Research Organizational Network Guiding Studies on Trauma and ResilienceNeurological Diseases, Trauma/Regenerative MedicineClinical Care, Military, Research

South Texas Veterans Health Care System and Foundation for Advancing Veterans Health Research

South Texas Veterans Health Care System and Foundation for Advancing Veterans Health ResearchCancer, Diabetes, Infectious Disease, Neurological Disorders, Other, Trauma/Regenerative MedicineClinical Care, Military

Southwest Research Institute

Southwest Research InstituteConsulting/Contracting, Pharmaceuticals, Product Testing, Research

Spirit of Texas Bank

Spirit of Texas BankCommunity Members

St. Mary’s University

St. Mary’s UniversityEducation, Research

Stability Biologics

Stability BiologicsTrauma/Regenerative MedicineMfg (Cell/Tissue)

Stanbio Laboratory / EKF Diagnostics USA

Stanbio Laboratory / EKF Diagnostics USAInfectious DiseaseMedical Device

Steeper USA

Steeper USATrauma/Regenerative MedicineMedical Device

STEM Academy @ Lee High School

STEM Academy @ Lee High SchoolEducation


StemBioSysOtherMfg (Cell/Tissue), Research

Steven A. Davis, MD

Steven A. Davis, MDOtherClinical Care, Clinical Trials


STRACTrauma/Regenerative MedicineMfg (Cell/Tissue)

Strategic Solutions 1

Strategic Solutions 1OtherContracting/Consulting, Medical Device

Sun Research Institute

Sun Research InstituteClinical Trials


SurgiLogixTrauma/Regenerative MedicineMfg (Non-tissue)


SynexusOtherClinical Trials

Talentum Engineering Services

Talentum Engineering ServicesInfectious DiseaseConsulting/Contracting, R&D

Targeted Technology Funds

Targeted Technology FundsVC/Investors


TechNovumCancer, Diabetes, Infectious Disease, Neurological Disorders, Other, Trauma/Regenerative MedicineEconomic Development/Accelerator

Tectonic Ventures

Tectonic VenturesVC/Investors

Texas A&M University San Antonio

Texas A&M University San AntonioOtherEducation, Research

Texas Biomedical Research Institute

Texas Biomedical Research InstituteInfectious DiseasePharmaceuticals, Pre-Clinical, Research

Texas Healthcare & Bioscience Institute

Texas Healthcare & Bioscience InstituteEconomic Development/Accelerator

Texas Human Biologics

Texas Human BiologicsTrauma/Regenerative MedicineMfg (Cell/Tissue)

Texas Medical Research Associates

Texas Medical Research AssociatesClinical Trials

The Centers for Applied Science and Technology (CAST) Schools

The Centers for Applied Science and Technology (CAST) SchoolsEducation

The Corporate Troubleshooter, LLC

The Corporate Troubleshooter, LLCConsulting/Contracting

The Perry & Ruby Stevens Parkinson’s Disease Center of Excellence

The Perry & Ruby Stevens Parkinson’s Disease Center of ExcellenceNeurological Diseases, OtherResearch

Thompson’s Printing

Thompson’s PrintingMfg (Non-tissue)

Trauma Insight

Trauma InsightTrauma/Regenerative Medicine

Trinity Labortories, Inc.

Trinity Labortories, Inc.Consulting/Contracting, QARA, Therapeutics

Trinity University

Trinity UniversityOtherEducation, Research

True Research Foundation

True Research Foundation

UK Department For International Trade

UK Department For International TradeOtherCommunity Members

University Health System

University Health SystemCancer, Diabetes, Infectious DiseaseClinical Care, Clinical Trials, Research

University of the Incarnate Word

University of the Incarnate WordOtherEducation

University Transplant Center

University Transplant CenterOtherClinical Care, Research


USAISRInfectious Disease, Neurological Disorders, Trauma/Regenerative MedicineMilitary, Research

UT Health San Antonio

UT Health San AntonioCancer, Diabetes, Infectious Disease, Neurological Disorders, Other, Trauma/Regenerative MedicineClinical Care, Clinical Trials, Education, Research


UTSAOtherEducation, Pharmaceuticals, Research, Therapeutics

Vascular Perfusion Solutions, Inc.

Vascular Perfusion Solutions, Inc.Trauma/Regenerative MedicineMedical Device


VelocityTXOtherEconomic Development/Accelerator

Viant Medical

Viant MedicalConsulting/Contracting, Mfg (Non-tissue)

Vidan Diagnostics

Vidan DiagnosticsOtherMedical Device

Vighter Medical

Vighter MedicalOtherClinical Care, Consulting/Contracting

Voss Medical Products

Voss Medical ProductsOtherMedical Device

Warner’s Metal Finishing

Warner’s Metal FinishingMfg (Non-tissue)

Watershed Idea Foundry

Watershed Idea FoundryEconomic Development/Accelerator

Wave Healthcare

Wave HealthcareOtherClinical Care


WellMedClinical Care

Worldwide Clinical Trials

Worldwide Clinical TrialsOtherClinical Trials

Xenex Disinfection Services LLC

Xenex Disinfection Services LLCInfectious DiseaseMedical Device


XerasTrauma/Regenerative MedicineMedical Device

Xtemp Infrared

Xtemp InfraredOtherMedical Device

Young Minds Matter

Young Minds MatterOtherAssociation

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