Get a Head Start on Your Marketing Strategy Before FDA Approval

One of the biggest mistakes you can make while waiting for FDA approval is to think you can’t start working on your marketing strategy. This simply isn’t true. It’s true that a device that doesn’t yet have FDA marketing clearance is considered “investigational” and cannot be advertised or promoted. You definitely can’t start taking orders for it. The FDA considers these activities to be “commercialization of an unapproved device.” That’s not all marketing is, though. You can still “prime the pump” for your product and remain in compliance with FDA guidelines.

If you want to make a splash when your product finally does hit the market, you must start now to create changes in your buyers’ behavior. By developing your marketing strategy well before the product is available, you have the opportunity to introduce the idea that, yes, something has been missing, and then convince buyers to react when a solution is available.

Here are the steps you’ll need to take during the FDA approval process, so you’ll be ready to hit the ground running when your product goes to market.

Identifying Your Target Audience

Your product was developed with a specific problem in mind. What companies sell the products that solve those specific problems? Will you be able to sell to more than one supplier? What makes your product stand out from those your target buyer already purchases? Where does your buyer tend to find information about emerging technology—social media, medical forums, professional publications? The more you know about your potential buyers, the bigger head start you’ll have.

Identify all Pain Points

Many associate the word “pain” with physical discomfort—especially in the medical and healthcare field. When we talk about identifying pain points, however, we’re talking about the specific needs your buyers have. What would make their job easier when you’re finally able to present your product for consideration? How can your product make them better at their jobs?

Learn how to Influence Your Audience

Understanding how your target audience consumes information is key to determining how, where, and when you’ll reach them with your marketing content upon product release. The buyer personas you created in step one will help you with paid media placement, social media marketing, creating website content, publishing blogs and articles, and possibly working with trade mediums and industry influencers.

To start building a great marketing strategy now, these are the first things you’ll need to consider. This will help you lay the foundation for powerful marketing when your product achieves FDA approval and can go to market.

For more information, contact:

Liz Papagni

CEO, Branding & Marketing Strategist


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