BioMedSA New Members: February 2023

BioMedSA’s Board of Directors approved 5 new memberships in February 2023: Parsons, Camber Road, SygnaMap, Adverse Machine and Fabrication, and Fun And Moving. Parsons Corporation is focused on creating the future of the defense, intelligence, and critical infrastructure markets. The company has deep domain expertise in Life Sciences and Biodefense, drawing on proven, best-in-class resources … Read more

BioMedSA New Members: January 2023

BioMedSA’s Board of Directors approved 6 new memberships in January 2023: Advanced TeleSensors Inc., RegenTX Labs, Savidj, SCIE Solutions, and two individual members Edward Shipper, and Tewodros Gashu. Advanced TeleSensors Inc. is a startup out of Austin, TX, that has developed a touchless vital signs monitoring device called Cardi/o. Cardi/o is designed to monitor a … Read more

How To Bring your Product to The Federal Market

So you want to sell your product to the federal marketplace: now what? The federal marketplace for healthcare and bioscience products is a large ecosystem. There are local, regional, and national systems, a variety of contract vehicles used, and plenty of federal stakeholders involved in the process. There is no single pathway that represents how … Read more

Who’s Who in SA: Jean Jiang, Ph.D.

Jean Jiang currently studies gap junctions in cell membranes that facilitate cell-to-cell messages and ion travel. She has developed antibody therapeutics that target neuro-inflammatory injuries for reductions in local inflammation and scarring. This mechanism enables neurons to regenerate and improve recovery from spinal cord injury. She has also developed an antibody therapeutic for breast cancer … Read more

BioMedSA New Members: November 2022

BioMedSA’s Board of Directors approved 7 new memberships in November, 2022: Community Labs, Medtech Reactor, Rochal Technologies, The Institute for Extracorporeal Life Support, Medwheels, Estancia del Norte Hotel and DoubleTree by Hilton San Antonio Airport, and Holly Stein Residential Realtor. Community Labs is a non-profit organization that was founded to keep San Antonio schools and … Read more

Get a Head Start on Your Marketing Strategy Before FDA Approval

One of the biggest mistakes you can make while waiting for FDA approval is to think you can’t start working on your marketing strategy. This simply isn’t true. It’s true that a device that doesn’t yet have FDA marketing clearance is considered “investigational” and cannot be advertised or promoted. You definitely can’t start taking orders … Read more

Who’s Who in SA: Chiung-Yu Hung

Chiung-Yu Hung, Ph.D. studies pathogen interactions and is currently focused on developing treatments and a vaccine for Valley Fever (coccidiodes). This fungus lives in the soil in the southwestern US, Mexico, and parts of Central and South Amercia. An estimated 150,000 people are affected annually in the US with pulmonary issues as the primary result, … Read more

The Latest in Market & Competitive Intelligence

Bringing a new technology or invention to market is a long and arduous process. From conception to financing, from understanding the market and keeping tabs on competitors, the journey can be like threading a needle. Below are key questions that companies should answer and periodically update. Who are your competitors and how dominant are they? … Read more

Who’s Who in SA: Scott Jones, Ph.D.

Scott Jones, Ph.D., is the Senior VP and Chief Scientific Officer at BioBridge Global. His expertise involves donor screening, cell and gene therapy testing, and analytical develompent. He leads custom assay development projects, including the establishment of BioBridge Global’s CGMP cellular therapy testing services. He was the technical leader in the Community Labs launch during … Read more

BioMedSA New Members: October 2022

BioMedSA’s Board of Directors approved 2 new memberships in October, 2022: betweenMD and TPKR Scientifics. betweenMD, inc. is a San Antonio based company which is developing solutions for individuals suffering from trauma induced chronic nightmares and PTSD.  betweenMD’s cloud-based technology platform and FDA approved wearable prescription digital therapeutics (pDTx) are supported by proprietary algorithms that … Read more


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