Who’s Who: Donald H. Jenkins, M.D.

Donald H. Jenkins, M.D. is a Clinical Professor and Faculty Physician at UT Health San Antonio/University Health.  He holds the Betty and Bob Kelson Distinguished Chair in burn and trauma surgery and is a clinical professor in the Long School of Medicine. He is Board Certified in Surgical Critical Care and General Surgery.  He is focused on creating novel solutions in hemorrhage control and treatment. In a pioneering study, Dr. Jenkins discovered that delayed blood transfusion during emergency transport increased the death rate by 70%, prompting him to be one of the first to create a cold-stored whole blood product. This method was implemented at over 50 hospitals around the US in just three years due to the reduction in wasted blood and increased health of patients.  And, he did not stop with discovery and implementation.  He was the driving force behind the National Whole Blood Summit in 2019 and the National Whole Blood Academy in 2020. He has been a founding member of other organizations too, including: National Trauma Institute, Coalition for National Trauma Research, and the Committee on Tactical Combat Casualty Care.

Dr. Jenkins is a well-sought speaker who has been invited to speak at over 50 conferences in the 18 month period pre-COVID-19. He was also invited to address the Blood Product Advisory Committee of the FDA about cold-stored platelets in 2019.  He has authored 11 publications in the area of cold-stored blood and 135 additional publications throughout his career. He has also authored 16 book chapters. He is an Air Force veteran with an impressive list of awards, medals, and the Bronze Star.

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