Who’s Who in San Antonio: Professor Vitaly Ganusov, PhD

Vitaly Gusanov, Ph.D., takes an interesting approach to the study of immunology.  With a mathematical background, Dr. Gusanov integrates his expertise in mathematical models and computational biology to better understand biological processes of infection and immunity. Understanding these processes can pave the way for more effective diagnostic and treatment options. Joanne Turner, PhD and Executive Vice President for Research at Texas Biomed elaborated: “Computational biology is very powerful- it helps us make discoveries so much faster than with experiment alone, especially by rapidly revealing connections between key processes.”

Currently at Texas Biomedical Institute for Research, Dr. Gusanov leads the Theoretical Immunology Laboratory to investigate tuberculosis and malaria.  His work includes studying the causative agents of malaria infection and interference by CD8 T cells. A true collaborator, he is developing mathmatical models of the infection process to plan intravital microscopy experience. Another focus of Dr. Gusanov’s work is to use mathematical models to explore how TB infection spreads through the lungs and then infects other parts of the body. His work is largely funded by the NIH.

Originally from Norilsk, Russia, a small town north of the Artic Circle, Dr. Gusanov studied physics at Krasnoyarsk State University in Russia before joining an immunology lab at Emory University. At Emory, he completed his PhD and postdoctoral research. Additional postdoctoral research was completed at Utrecht University in the Netherlands and Los Alamos National Laboratory. Dr. Gusanov joins Texas Biomedical Research Institute after time as a tenured professor and researcher at the University of Tennessee.




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