Victor Convertino, Ph.D.: Inventor and Scientist

Victor Convertino, Ph.D. is a Senior Scientist (SES) for the Combat Casualty Care Director, Battlefield Health & Trauma Center for Human Integrative Physiology at the US Army Institute of Surgical Research. Dr. Convertino has led the advancement of medicine in the treatment of emergent medicine as one of the first investigators to demonstrate that the integration of all mechanisms contributing to compensation for conditions of hemorrhage are identifiable in changes in the arterial waveform. His further research in this area combined with lower body negative pressure (LBNP) determined a correlation between blood loss and hemorrhages status, and identification of those likely to develop circulatory shock. He collaborated with machine learning experts to develop the only current monitoring technology that can assess hemorrhage status. The FDA has approved the resulting “compensatory reserve measurement” (CRM) device, essentially a pulse-oximeter with the embedded algorithm, based off of 650,000 arterial waveforms.

The CRM device is one of ten FDA-cleared devices based on his work focused on the advancement of triage and therapeutics. Another device example is the use of intrathoracic pressure regulation (IPR) therapy as a non-invasive resuscitation intervention where fluids may not be readily available. The IPR device enforces resistance when the patient takes a breath to create a greater vacuum within the thorax, which enhances the return of blood to the heart. This improved circulation is important during hemorrhage conditions to avoid/delay shock. This technology is currently in use by the US Army Tactical Combat Medical Care.

Dr. Convertino has authored over 345 publications in peer-reviewed manuscripts, invited reviews, and book chapters in the scientific literature. He has delivered over 80 scientific papers at professional meetings and over 225 invited lectures in the US and around the world. His professional accolades are many, yet he is also dedicated to the academic training and development of the next generation of scientists, mentoring 32 masters, doctoral and post-doctoral students.

He holds baccalaureate degrees in Mathematics and Physical Education from California State University at San Jose, a Masters degree in Exercise Science and a Ph.D. in Physiology at the University of California at Davis. Prior to his current position at the US Army Institute for Surgical Research, he has worked at NASA’s Ames Research Center, the Stanford University School of Medicine, the University of Arizona, NASA’s Kennedy Space Center, and the US Air Force Research Laboratory. He currently holds adjunct professor positions at the Uniformed Services University and the US Air Force School of Aerospace Medicine.
Yet somehow, he has also found spare time to coach over 25 youth sports teams, officiate youth sports games, and serve on the board of the Catholic Youth Organization. We are proud that Victor Convertino calls San Antonio home.


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