Training Subsidized by the City of San Antonio

The City of San Antonio is piloting two programs for Ready to Work Pledged Employers to support workforce development and investing in city business growth; The Ready to Work Incumbant Worker Training Pilot (IWT Pilot) and The On-the-Job Training Pilot (OJT Pilot). Programs are designed to serve both the advancement needs of employees and the benefits of a well trained workforce for employers. Applications close on February 1, 2024 at 5 pm.

The IWT pilot funds work-based training and upskilling to aquire skills for retention and company advancement.  The company will chooses the training and the training provider. Approved awards may receive up to$5,000 per Incumbant Worker up to a maximum of $100,000 per company.

IWT Overview

IWT Application Form

The OJT Pilot program financial support for companies to defray the costs associated with training; slowing production as employees are trained, increased headcount due to expansion, and apprenticeship programs.  The company provides necessary training.  Approved companies will receive up to $10,000 with a company maximum of $150,000.

OJT Overview

OJT Application Form

To participate, please take the Ready to Work Pledge–a commitment to continue to develop our community workforce.  Sign the pledege HERE.

Each program has specific requirements for participation as well as grant funding agreements with the City of San Antonio Workforce Development Office.  Please review the details for each program carefully and contact the Workforce Development Office for questions.


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