Texas is a Great Place for the new ARPA-H Headquarters

Congress has recently approved the establishment of the Advanced Research Projects Agency for Health (ARPA-H). This new agency will fund groundbreaking biomedical research (high risk, high reward) to transform healthcare. The director has been chosen (Dr. Renee Wegrzyn), but the location has not. Texas is an ideal location for the new agency, as a centrally located life science hub with the largest military health complex in the U.S. and the most diverse population in the country. ARPA-H will primarily need to hire Program Managers to shape the biomedical programs that will promote the mission.

We are encouraging Texans with biomedical research experience to send their CVs/resumes to joinARPAH@nih.gov as an indication of support for ARPA-H in TX.

Additional information on ARPA-H is here.


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