Subsidized Intern Programs in San Antonio

Internships offer valuable experience, giving students insight into the working world and gaining practical knowledge. Companies can receive the help they need from an intern, while feeling good about helping someone start his/her career. San Antonio has two subsidized internship programs through Students + Startups and Alamo Colleges.

Students + Startups

Students+Startups is a unique summer internship program that pairs pre-qualified college students from all around the United States with a start-up company in San Antonio. The internship is partially subsidized by Graham Weston’s 80|20 Foundation. Company partners interview and select interns from a pre-qualified talent pool. In order to qualify, companies must go through an application process and attend the Annual Speed Interview round of the intern selection process. The cost to qualified companies is $2000 for the summer intern. The interns receive a $4,000 stipend, paid housing in downtown San Antonio, a membership to Geekdom Co-Working Space, and a $325 scholarship upon completion of the program. For more information, visit

Alamo Colleges

A subsidized internship is available to students who are eligible for federally funded work-study programs during the school year. Depending on the company size, for-profit companies pay 25%-50% of the student wages, non-profits pay 0% of the student wages. The rest of the student’s wages are paid by Alamo Colleges, through federal funding. Alamo Colleges conducts basic criminal background checks,  manages HR, and issues payroll For more information, visit

Eligible Fields

  • STEM
  • Advanced Manufacturing & Logistics (including industrial trades)
  • Health & Biosciences
  • Creative & Communication Arts
  • Business & Entrepreneurship
  • Public Services

Companies can attend one of these webinars for more information:

Thursday, August 19, 3pm – 4pm

Thursday, September 9, 9am – 10am

Thursday, September 23, 3pm – 4pm











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