New Members: March 2021

The Board of Directors has approved 5 new memberships in March 2021: Elevate Systems, Actionable Transitions, EmergenceMed, UK Department for International Trade and InnoCare Urologics.

Elevate Systems provides mechanical engineering design services for commercial clients and individuals seeking to complete a design from their minds, sketches or even client provided initial concept prototypes. They design using Solidworks and 3D printing to create prototypes, specializing in the art of taking the concept and turning that into products and the creation of intellectual property (IP).

Actionable Transitions is an Executive Coaching firm with a focus on individuals and companies within life science. Executive Coaching helps individuals to achieve specific objectives, such as: prepare for a new role, strategically plan for career changes, improve leadership skills, strengthen communication skills, implement change, etc.

EmergenceMed is a start-up medical device company based on technology from UTSA and UT Health San Antonio with a focus on airway management. Their first device is a portable, highly mobile, and battery powered suction device that can establish a clear airway. This device could have a significant impact on the battlefield, as airway compromise is the second leading cause of potentially survivable battlefield death, and could also be used by civilian paramedics.

The U.K. Department for International Trade recognizes the impact of medical innovation in San Antonio. This department of the U.K. seeks to encourage collaboration between San Antonio and the U.K. For example, they recently hosted a training session on how to get approval by the U.K.’s NHS, which enables public health care facilities to use technologies. They can also assist with connecting San Antonio companies with U.K. companies.


InnoCare Urologics is a start-up medical device company founded by Leonard Pinchuk, Ph.D., the recipient of the 2017 BioMedSA Award for Innovation in Healthcare and Bioscience. His new company seeks to develop and commercialize a safer version of the Foley Urinary Catheter.



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