New BioMedSA Members: July 2021


Cooley is a full service legal firm that specializes in bioscience and technology. They are #1 in IPOs, M&As, venture financing and licensing in life science. Their customers range from start-ups to large international companies. On their website (, they have significant resources for entrepreneurs who need standard documents for corporation founding, NDAs, employees, and financing for the US and other countries, in addition to guidance articles. Because they see so many deals, they can also provide trends data for life science venture financing.

Higginbotham is a nationwide personal business insurance broker. They are experienced with the Bio Business Solutions Chubb insurance program, as well as many other insurance programs. In addition to the standard business insurance offerings, they also understand the needs of specialized insurance for life science companies, such as coverage for lab animals, clinical studies, and cybersecurity.

B&B Diagnostics has a mission is to help “improve diagnostic accuracy, regulatory compliance, and laboratory accountability to benefit patient care”. The are currently selling a product to perform lab equipment maintenance with a focus on cancer diagnostic equipment.  They are raising funds for their next product, a sensor system to track QC data in the pathology lab.

Allosense produces asset trackers that help to reduce theft and loss. While primarily designed to track physical location, their systems are also able to track humidity, light, temperature, vibration, and enhanced location. They are currently selling to manufacturing companies with expansion plans to DoD and healthcare providers.



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