New BioMedSA Members: October 2021

GaitIQ is SaaS startup bringing the science of kinematics to clinical practice through low-cost and simple-to-use cloud based deep learning, data analytics, and IoT technologies. Distributed data processing, cloud computing, data analytics, artificial intelligence, deep learning, & electronic health records create a new paradigm for primary care neurodegenerative disease detection & functional monitoring. Their first application is Alzheimer’s screening.

EnviroBiomics, Inc. focuses on the application of NGS technology to DNA-based microbial identification for environmental health. Services include: bacterial & mold detection identification and quantification, board spectrum microbial detection & identification, human-specific Bacteroides, ERMI, and HERTSMI-2.

Anser Group helps medical device companies work through their market and business planning.  This key need is critical for the success of all medical device companies, but can make or break start-ups who must raise funds until revenue targets are achieved. They also provide professional training and coaching using an integrity driven approach to leadership growth and development in the context of the business’ operations; specifically, the healthcare industry.

Clytusan Corporation is a start-up company with a wound care healing kit. The kit has three components to support the major steps of wound care: cleansing, granulation, and epithelialization wound closure. They are currently marketing their products for veterinary applications while they work on FDA approval for human use.



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