New BioMedSA Members – May 2021

BioMedSA’s Board of Directors approved 3 new memberships in May 2021: the Geneva Foundation, the Metis Foundation, and Fusion Success Group.

The Geneva Foundation is a non-profit dedicated to US service members and veterans, their families, and the global public. For over 25 years, they have delivered scientific, technical, and program management for federal contracts, federal grants, and clinical trials sponsored by industry.  They foster research collaborations amongst the military, academia and industry toward scientific and technical innovation. They also actively generate collaborative proposals on behalf of industry investigators and facilitate commercialization of medical technology. Geneva manages complex medical R&D programs to accelerate research and advance solutions.

Fusion Success Group helps companies maximize their growth potential through process improvements, program management, performance and professional development coaching, and process/product launch coaching. Their strategic project management includes scorecard development, launch, and cross-functional alignment. Their experts determine root causes for business pains and uncover improvement opportunities. Professional coaching exposes gaps to leverage strengths and create strategies to achieve greater success.

The Metis Foundation has a mission to “strive to advance military medicine through providing scientific, education, financial and project management support in the conduct of federally and privately sponsored research, clinical trials and education.” They provide programmatic support to the military medical research community in the form of scientific, educational, financial and project management support. They provide step-by-step support to investigators to develop proposals for DoD grants and awards.



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