BioMedSA Legislative Priorities

Federal Priorities

1.Improved transparency and accountability for timely CMS reviews (reimbursement) medical devices, lab diagnostics.

2.Mental health support for clinical care staff and patients after pandemic.

3.Preserve the current definition of “independent contractor” to enable bioscience companies to augment their staff with independent contractors in within their scope of business to meet the needs of temporary increases in workload or entrepreneurial start-up. Current version of HR 842 PRO Act would change the definition.

State Priorities

1.Expand bioscience development funding beyond cancer (CPRIT)

  • SB 264 TRANSCEND – infectious diseases

2. Mental health support for clinical care staff and patients after pandemic

3. State-sponsored nurse/therapist contractors helping capacity challenges should not be allowed to work in their local area under state contract with increased salary (future pandemics)

4. State program to re-engage students into education after quarantine

Local Priorities

1. SBIR/STTR grant writing program, matching funds

2. Ensure workforce training program meets the training needs for life science industry


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