Wet Lab Space in San Antonio

One tier of the BioMedSA mission is to support the regional healthcare and bioscience ecosystem. One of the ways we do that is to highlight the community assets that available to support the needs of innovators.  Below is a collection of lab space assets that are available…

Alamo BioCenter is a new flexible coworking laboratory space in the heart of the San Antonio Medical Center offering:

  • Office, private and coworking
  • Laboratory space
    • Work stations
    • Fume hoods
    • Flammable cabinets
    • Lockers and freezers
  • Conference Room
  • Shipping/Receiving
    • Chemical Cabinet
    • Deep Freezers

Website: https://www.alamobiocenter.com/

Cadaver Lab SA (located in North-Central San Antonio) provides cadaveric and didactic training capabilities to the ecosystem:

  • Office space, private
  • Laboratory assets
    • 1000 sq ft of space
    • 6 work stations
    • C-arm and tech provided
    • Specimen procurement and disposal
    • Full spectrum of surgical instruments and PPE
    • ISO Class 5 BSC units
    • Steris Steam Autoclave
  • Conference room
    • Window views into lab
    • TV with live feed
  • Additional board room
  • Shipping/Receiving
    • Chemical Cabinet
    • Deep Freezers

Website: https://cadaverlabsa.com/; For extended reservations, contact: lorenakieser@cadaverlabsa.com

Durahip Research and Development Center is located in San Antonio’s North-Central area, offering:

  • Office space, private
  • Laboratory equipment access
    • Fume hoods
    • Plasma electrolytic oxidation equipment
    • Shaking water bath
  • Cell culture laboratory
    • BSL-2 hood
    • Dual incubators
    • Microplate reader
    • Inverted microscope
    • Vortexes
    • Automatic cell counter
    • Centrifuge
    • Liquid nitrogen tanks
    • Refrigerator/freezer
  • Other equipment access
    • Ultra pure water facility
    • General lab equipment
    • pH and conductivity meter
    • Ultra-sonicator
    • Electrochemical baths
    • High temperature furnace
    • Metal cutting machine
    • Polishing and grinding machine
    • Incubators
    • Acid cabinets

Contact: rohit.knanna@durahip.com

Sequence Life Science (located in North-Central San Antonio) is a tissue processing facility focused on facilitating the manufacture of tissue-based products:

  • Laboratory assets
    • 1000 sq ft of space
    • ISO Class 7 assembly space
    • Aseptic processing area
    • Shipping/packaging
    • Tissue processing capabilities
    • Sub 80 chest freezers
  • Conference room
  • Additional board room
  • Shipping/Receiving
    • Chemical Cabinet
    • Deep Freezers

Contact: lorenakieser@cadaverlabsa.com

STAR One is a technology incubator with 36,000 sq ft of coworking and private lab space in San Marcos:

  • Office, private and coworking
  • Laboratory space
    • Chemistry/Materials Science Labs with fume hoods -5
    • Life Science labs with bio hoods -4
  • Open Collaborations spaces -2
  • Conference Rooms -4

Website: https://www.txst.edu/starpark/about.html

VelocityTX is an innovation center located on the east side of San Antonio, offering:

  • Office, private and coworking
  • Laboratories
    • Wet labs
    • Private and shared BSL-2 labs
  • Conference room
  • Training/event space

Website: https://www.velocitytx.org/office-lab-spaces/

To include a facility supporting the growing ecosystem, please contact: info@biomedsa.org.


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