Cost Savings – Labs

BioMedSA is part of a nationwide network of similar organizations who leverage their members’ purchasing volume to pre-negotiate cost savings contracts with key suppliers. As we focus on the needs of labs in this post, it is important to remind all companies that lab supplies include the PPE used by every business.  Not only does the PPE come at a savings, but companies can leverage the supply chain consistency of a major US supplier, VWR.

VWR offers a 75% discount for lab supplies, including PPE.  They also have discounted pricing on lab equipment over $1,100. They do not have a minimum order requirement and do not charge for shipping from their regional distribution centers.  They also waive hazardous material handling fees and fuel surcharges, which result in a huge cost savings.  They typically provide next-day delivery. For more information, click here.

Airgas Healthcare offers a 10-25% discount on cryogenic equipment, gas distribution equipment, and safety products. They have medical-grade nitrogen, helium, argon and carbon dioxide. They can customize cost savings into specific agreements with individual companies for renewal, removal and remedy. For more information, click here.

American Laboratory Trading, Inc. (ALT) is a full-service provider of premium refurbished lab equipment for the life sciences. They offer a 15% discount on list price, a 10% additional discount on sale items, and a 5% discount on all Agilent Certified Pre-Owned products up to $1,500. All of their equipment comes with a 1 year warranty.  For those with extra equipment, they offer a 20% discount on surplus services and a 10% bonus on standard consignment splits. For more information, click here.

Clean Harbors is one of the largest environmental services companies in North America, managing waste recycling and disposal, planned environmental and industrial services, as well as Emergency Response Services. They offer 35-40% off list price for waste disposal, 15-20% off list on transportation and materials, and 35% off labor charges. They offer a free site visit to ensure storage area and recordkeeping are in compliance. They will review staff training and make recommendations to ensure compliance with applicable State and Federal laws. For more information, click here.


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