BioMedSA New Members: November 2023

BioMedSA’s Board of Directors approved 3 new memberships in November 2023: Excess Logic, G&L Healthcare Advisors, and Tacmina.

Excess Logic seeks to support the healthcare and bioscience industry by handling excess electronic assets and equipment. As a provider of surplus equipment decommissioning services, Excess Logic removes and remarkets surplus lab, test, R&D, analytical, IT and networking equipment in a timely and profitable manner as well as destroying data while upgrading equipment. Additional services assist companies during liquidation, facility moves, restructuring, or downsizing by providing excess asset removal, compliant serialized and certified data and equipment destruction, environmentally friendly e-waste recycling, and proper reporting.


G&L Healthcare Advisors is a global company that seeks to serve the healthcare and bioscience industry with expertise in regulatory affairs, quality assurance and clinical development. Other services include strategic consulting to shape business future, operational optimization, benchmarking to design analysis-based improvements, infrastructure and resources, and market expansion through analysis of new and existing markets.


Tacmina USA is a global liquid solution company that provides products, parts, sales, repair, service, testing and technical support. The US corporate headquarters, located in Schaumburg, IL seeks to serve the healthcare and bioscience industry by providing precision pump technology for chemical, biomanufacturing, medical technology, and laboratory specifications.


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