BioMedSA New Members: March 2022

BioMedSA’s Board of Directors approved 8 new memberships in March, 2022: MR3 Health, JANA Life Sciences, pH Partners, San Antonio Economic Development Corporation, NovoThelium, Vivifi Medical, Alt-Bionics, and T4 Movement.

MR3 Health is a medical device startup producing a remote monitored foot sensor for patients with hypertension and diabetes to monitor the health of their feet from home. The intent of this device is to enable patients and physicians to quickly identify the need for intermediation, with a goal of reducing the risk and potential cost of treatment and hospitalization.

JANA Life Sciences is a technical service provider and consulting company that provides technical documentation, quality management, operational excellence, and program management for life science professionals in the medical, biological, and pharmaceutical industries.

pH Partners is a boutique investment banking firm based out of Austin that centers on personalized attention across the healthcare, life science, and middle market sectors of the industry. Their firm focuses on building a relationship with their clients to delivering creative capital formation solutions that will help shareholders maximize their return with taking their next steps with their company.

San Antonio Economic Development Corporation (SAEDC) is a non-profit that focuses on creating jobs and promoting long term economic growth specific to the San Antonio regional business ecosystem. Their focus is on making connections and providing information to support military medicine commercialization.

NovoThelium is a biotechnology startup developing a donor-derived nipple areolar tissue matrix that can be used as a graft for nipple regeneration after mastectomies. They are also the winners of the 2022 BioFest Invest Pitch Competition.

Vivifi Medical is a medtech startup based out of Houston that is developing the first suture-less laparoscopic technology for reversal of varicocele to treat male infertility.

Alt-Bionics is a medical device startup created out of UTSA, which is developing a low-cost bionic hand prosthesis with the goal of affordability for all amputations that are below the elbow to receive a fully functional prosthetic hand.

T4 Movement  is a medtech startup developing a medical device focused on helping individuals with back pain and musculoskeletal injuries by leveraging motion capture technology to enable and improve physical therapy for back pain. The technology came out of UTSA.


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