BioMedSA New Members: July 2023

BioMedSA’s Board of Directors approved 5 new memberships in July 2023: Lifeblood Capital, Southwestern Controls, MindLight, Inova, and CAI.

Lifeblood  Capital seeks to support medtech startups through talent acquisition and fundraising strategies. Lifeblood manages end t0 end talent at every level; from C-suite to entry level.  Fundraising strategies seek to help entrepreneurs properly pitch appropriate investors by developing their long form slide deck and short form executive summary, pitch presentation practice and investor feedback training. Lifeblood also invests directly in medtech startups.

Southwestern Controls, working with worldwide manufacturers, seeks to provide fluid solutions such as contract manufacturing of sub assemblies for medical device and diagnostic companies. Services range from initial consultive design to next generation improvements to existing products. Lab Compressors, a division of Southwestern Controls, provides a wide range of equipment such as standalone units, individual compressors, vacuum pumps, metering pumps, and smooth flow pulse free liquid transfer pumps.

MindLight is a theory based company with secondary clinical, commercial applications that seeks to understand and treat psychiatric disorders. They are working on an LED device for their patented unilateral transcranial photobiomodulation based on their theory of dual-brain psychology. MindLight has conducted 3 clinical trials for depression and opioid use disorder and is conducting a Phase II SBIR grant from NIDA on their device, which has an FDA breakthrough designation.

Inova  has a biopharma partnering platform with technology and solutions that are used by 60% of the world’s top 50 pharma companies to source and manage their opportunities. Its latest product, Connect for Biotech, is an online marketplace that allows out-licensing biotech and pharma companies to showcase their assets, increase their visibility, engage in conversations with interested in-licensors, and get valuable strategic insights.

CAI  provides end-to-end services focusing on improving operational performance, reducing an organization’s risk, and increasing overall productivity. For mission-critical projects they support our clients with proof-of-concept through to operational delivery and integration services. Expertise includes complex project management, no-code technology, commissioning, compliance, training, and operational workflows.



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