BioMedSA New Members: January 2023

BioMedSA’s Board of Directors approved 6 new memberships in January 2023: Advanced TeleSensors Inc., RegenTX Labs, Savidj, SCIE Solutions, and two individual members Edward Shipper, and Tewodros Gashu.

Advanced TeleSensors Inc. is a startup out of Austin, TX, that has developed a touchless vital signs monitoring device called Cardi/o. Cardi/o is designed to monitor a patient’s vitals 24/7 without a wearable sensor.  The monitoring device also provides alerts when the heart or breathing rate dips or spikes for the patient. The equipment uses a radar sensing technology originally developed at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Labs and can read a patient’s heart rate, respiratory rate, heart rate variability and mobility without any wires or patches.

RegenTX Labs is the specialty research and development arm of RegenTX Partners out of San Antonio, TX.  They leverage their capabilities to develop and manufacturer tissue products for regenerative medicine applications to meet the needs of their customers.  Their laboratory’s capabilities span the characterization of tissue scaffolds to the analysis of cellular structures.

SAVIDJ is a San Antonio startup is developing products that use eye and head tracking sensors with proprietary software to detect neurological disorders such as PTSA, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease in real-time.  This novel technology also uses AI and advanced analytics to quantify, monitor, rehabilitate, as well as determine accurately when an athlete or warrior can safely return to play or active duty.  By determining efficacy of pharmacological interventions used for neurological conditions it can be applied to multiple applications, including sports, medicine, and military markets.

SCIE Solutions is a consulting company that provides product life management solutions across Operations, Quality Systems and Supply Chain Management services to enable their partners to focus their resources on customer needs while the SCIE Solutions team supports product realization. Their focus is helping their clients achieve strategic objectives on service levels, risk management, price competitiveness and quality for their business. Their partners range from bootstrapping startups to regulated aerospace and medical device companies. They tailor their support to fit any startups needs from coaching to full outsourced services.

Edward Shipper is an Investment Manager in Houston, TX with Goldman Sachs.  He earned his M.D. at UT Health San Antonio and completed residency in General Surgery. He holds an MBA from the McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas in Austin.  As an Investor and advisor with Goldman Sachs, he works with startups to provide investment banking support and potential investment.

Tewodros Gashu is currently based in Dallas, TX. His background includes significant formal training in clinical trial research, including at the graduate level. He has completed training course in Good Clinical Practice (GCP) and oncology-specific clinical research monitoring. He holds a B.S. in Public Health with a concentration in Clinical Trial Research from Kent State University.


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