BioMedSA New Members: February 2023

BioMedSA’s Board of Directors approved 5 new memberships in February 2023: Parsons, Camber Road, SygnaMap, Adverse Machine and Fabrication, and Fun And Moving.

Parsons Corporation is focused on creating the future of the defense, intelligence, and critical infrastructure markets. The company has deep domain expertise in Life Sciences and Biodefense, drawing on proven, best-in-class resources to deliver a better world through innovative solutions that protect human health. Whether addressing known and emerging biological threats, chemical contaminants, or other hazards, Parsons leverages existing capabilities and rapidly expands knowledge to address gaps and anticipate priorities. The company provides research and development to support missions including infectious disease surveillance, bioinformatics, biological detection, immune and molecular diagnostics development, and vaccine candidate development and testing. Additionally, experts at Parsons develop, integrate, and deploy tools for data collection, analysis, and visualization to support early warning, diagnosis/detection, situational awareness, and decision support for public health and medical emergencies and events.

Camber Road helps early-stage, fast-growing companies acquire equipment and tech by providing $1-10M in non-dilutive capital.  They assist with financing everything from lab equipment and machinery to laptops and office furniture – anything on a CapEx or FF&E line.  In addition, they work closely alongside VCs, bankers, and other strategic partners to help their clients move their companies forward.

SygnaMap is a San Antonio biotech startup that leverages spatial -omics and AI-enabled computational imaging technology from UT Health San Antonio to identify signatures of diseases for precision therapeutics. Precision medicine champions a patient-centric vision with therapeutic choices driven by specific predictive biomarkers to enable highly effective therapies and reduce side effects. Funded by NIH and NSF SBIR grants, SygnaMap is building a novel computational engine for therapeutic target and biomarker discovery.

Adverse Machine and Fabrication is a local manufacturer that can expedite projects and get R&D completed in a fast efficient manner. The local manufacturing company has the machine capabilities to develop unique and difficult designs that are not normal in the CNC industry. They work directly with design engineers to create envisioned products quickly and easily, enabling local companies to outsource manufacturing inside of the region.

Fun And Moving (FAM) is a local startup that has developed a Streaming Healthcare Routines platform, addressing the problem of accessibility and inclusion for any age, fitness level, or cognitive memory stage. Their streaming service can be easily viewed on any device and provides vetted routines from over 1,100 doctors, physical therapists, and occupational therapists.  Their workouts are unique in the sense that users never have to use equipment, and their progression workout stages prevent clients recovering from injury from having to lay on the floor. They also offer workplace routines that address corporate burnout, absenteeism, and presenteeism with a wide variety of focus, meditation, and quick energy routines for optimum performance, whether working in an office setting or remote.


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