BioMedSA helps Sarah King Elementary School

BioMedSA initiated a school supply drive for Sarah King Elementary School in SAISD, which expanded to a community event with approximately 20 organizations offering assistance on July 24, 2021. Many children do not show up to school with any school supplies, and many arrive with only some of the necessary supplies to support learning.  But this year, over 100 children will start their year with school supplies from BioMedSA.  The school also was given several boxes of supplies for the office and the teachers. Parents and children were given information on healthcare and bioscience careers, training requirements, and salaries. Other organizations that joined in this event included BioMedSA members: University Health, Bexar County, and Alamo Colleges. University Health’s Claudia Torres stated “We had great success at this event.” Through their efforts at this event, approximately 15 children will receive health insurance that didn’t have it before.  Michael J. Moreno Jr. from Alamo Colleges stated that he was able to encourage many parents to seek training through the Westside Education & Training Center.

How did this happen? 


When BioMedSA modernized our office, we had extra office supplies and decided to host a school supply drive for our building (SATC) and a drop off location at a Starbucks.  We received many supplies, include a large box from BioMedSA member, StemBioSys. The impact grew when an 11-year-old decided to go door-to-door in her neighborhood and raised $302 dollars to purchase supplies.  The school supply drive was managed by BioMedSA’s Project Manager Intern, Krystal Harris. Through her City Year connections, she reached out to Sarah King Elementary and the event was born.  City Year volunteers helped attract attendees from the street and distribution at our booth.


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