We Are BioMedSA Hub of the Life Science Industry in San Antonio

BioMedSA is a member-driven hub for the life science industry in San Antonio with the mission to accelerate the growth of the healthcare and bioscience sector, create regional economic benefit, and contribute to the health of San Antonio and beyond.

Learn about BioMedSA and its impact on the biomedical sector.

Working in the Healthcare and Bioscience Industry in San Antonio

San Antonio maintains a comparatively affordable cost of living, yet it is one of the largest cities in America. The city’s cost of living only multiplies San Antonio’s appeal as a great city for business with a vibrant culture. The spirit of collaboration is embedded in the life science industry, as companies routinely collaborate with other organizations in San Antonio.  BioMedSA serves to facilitate those collaborations as a hub for the life science industry in San Antonio.

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San Antonio: The Friendly City of Science and Health

San Antonio, the seventh-largest city in America, is a leader in the life science industry.  The sector combines unique assets, diverse resources, and a tangible spirit of collaboration. San Antonio is home to two Level 1 trauma centers and two of the top 10 largest hospitals in the US, one of the largest US military healthcare systems with research facilities, medical education programs and training complexes. The region has two independent and two university-run large-scale research organizations and the largest independent, non-profit testing laboratory in the US.

BioMedSA Membership

Members in BioMedSA have a desire to grow the life science industry, and receive many direct benefits in return. Members have reduced-pricing access to all BioMedSA programming and events. BioMedSA shares members’ news releases on our website, social media, and related companies that may be interested in collaboration.

Members have access to fundraising opportunities, including the national Medical Technology Enterprise Consortium (MTEC) to participate in military medical funding opportunities that may not be available elsewhere. Members also have access to legislative advocacy planning, industry task forces, BioMedSA program planning, and nominations for the BioMedSA Innovation Award. Through the nation-wide Bio Business Solutions® program, BioMedSA members can realize significant cost savings for lab supplies, insurance, and a variety of business services.

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Industry Resources

The spirit of collaboration thrives in San Antonio’s life science industry across all sectors. World-renown dedicated research institutions Texas Biomedical Research Institute and Southwest Research Institute, collaborate with the University of Texas Health Science Center and the University of Texas San Antonio to form a powerful foundation for healthcare innovations that save lives around the world, supported by 4 area hospital systems and several independent hospitals. San Antonio is also home to the largest US military medical center and training complex and also conducts life-saving medical research. Companies in San Antonio enjoy close access to these big entities for collaboration as well as medtech, biotech, and other life science companies located in San Antonio. Healthcare innovations are developed and commercialized by a strong start-up medtech and biotech community, incubators, and local manufacturing.

BioMedSA Innovation Award

Each year, BioMedSA members select a recipient for the Innovation Award to recognize individuals who have created novel ideas and put them into action, leading to transformational advancements in patient care, technology, leadership, education, public policy, and other arenas within the life science industry. Recipients may have professional experience in science, medicine, business, public policy, or non-profit sectors.

Premium Members

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