MR3 Health, Inc.

Company Contact:

Legal Entity Type: C-Corp

Company Type: Digital Health

Company Stage: Commercialized

No. of Employees: 5

Desired Financial Amount: $1,000,000


Company Background

MR3 was founded in 2015 via acquisition of Diabetica Solutions, Inc. We proceeded to enhance the acquired technology, TempTouch. Enhanced prototypes were field tested to prove the unknown aspect of patient compliance. The base IT technology was deployed in the Medicare Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) space starting in 2019. We have been gradually adding medical groups and patients and are now poised for rapid growth. We have plans to create a next-generation TempTouch and tap into international markets.


Stan Marett, President – many years in healthcare IT – hardware, software, device, and people management. Dan Gideon, CFO – many years in finance, operations and executive management roles in healthcare Dave Johnson, MD, VP Medical Affairs – many years in executive roles at managed care organizations Bill Naime, MBA, DCM, CWS, WCC, VP Sales – many years of management and consulting in the wound care and post-acute care space

Board of directors

Stan – see above Bill Wagner, CMA- Senior executive in food and diabetes care industries. Experienced in corporate and financial management, including M&A transactions. Robert Cortes, MD – many years in clinical care, medical administration, and R&D

Product / Service

disease area / application

Chronic disease monitoring, especially Diabetes – Diabetic Foot Ulcer Prevention

product / Service

Medicare spends a lot of money on patient ER visits or hospital admissions due to chronic conditions. In order to avoid some of these costs, Medicare has created 4 billing codes for remote monitoring of patients by their medical practice. The patients are monitored at home via wireless medical devices. The major chronic conditions which Medicare is focused on are Hypertension, Diabetes, COPD, and CHF. The practices need tech help delivering this service. There are approximately 50 million adults over the age of 65 in the US (44 million enrolled in Medicare). Of these, 58% have hypertension. That means 25.5 million qualify for Blood Pressure Monitoring under Medicare. Therefore, MR3’s focus is on healthcare providers caring for hypertensive Medicare patients. Approximately 15 million adults over 65 have diabetes in the US and qualify for Blood Glucose remote monitoring. The service components MR3 utilizes, include: Bluetooth-enabled medical devices, smartphones with mobile APPs, secure proprietary database, dashboard software, clinically appropriate algorithms, billing module, EMR interfaces, special call center and robust training materials. The MR3 service monitors patients on a daily-basis, identifying those with out-of-range measurements. When such an event occurs, the patient’s clinical team is alerted. MR3 provides a full-service approach to RPM. This approach minimizes the effort required by the practice to implement and maintain the service to their patients. The software used to deliver the service is licensed by MR3 and provides a state-of-the-art distinctive capability. Our management team has many years of experience in providing software and support services to physicians. This differs from companies who come from a primarily technical background.

technology / ip

Our RPM service is a full-service model – pacing no burden on the medical practice, yet yielding high value to the practice and their patients. Uniquely, we deploy medical-grade thermometry to collect wireless data which predicts the development of Diabetic Foot Ulcers. The technology is patented, FDA-cleared, and clinically proven. Our TempTouch experience has been published in numerous medical journals. The trademarked name “TempTouch”, it is globally recognized.

distribution channels

We use a national network of experienced resellers.

market size

The Global RPM Market is estimated at $28.3B with a GAGR of 11.3% Fully deployed there are 1.5M devices per year needed to prevent Diabetic Foot Ulcers (DFU). It will take several years to penetrate a market that size. Growth will continue with new and enhanced products and services. Our 2026 Revenue is projected at $84M. Obtaining 10% of the DFU market would result in annual revenue of revenue of $540M. That could occur in about 10 years.


We have a detailed table on the competitive landscape. It cannot be pasted in this box, but is part of our PowerPoint presentation.


Desired financial amount


previous funding

ROUND DATE AMOUNT SHARE PRICE Friends & Family 12/2014 $100,000 $0.30 Initial Offering 2015 $200,000 $0.60 Between Offerings 2016/2017 $155,000 $0.75 Second Offering 2017/2020 $175,000 $1.00 Follow-on Offering 4/2020 $200,000 $2.00 Total $1,002,000** **Includes Convertible Notes of $172,000

current financials

Our current burn rate is about $15K/month. Cash varies based on fund raising activities. Summary of Jan 2022 P&L… Income 3010 Revenue-Service 9796.13 Total Income 9796.13 Cost of Goods Sold 3520 Cost of Goods Sold-Products 1880.60 3595 Cost of Goods Sold-Misc 68.96 Total Cost of Goods Sold (1949.56) Gross Profit 7846.57 Expenses Total Expenses (15682.21) Net Operating Income (7835.64)

financial use

See Pie Chart in slide deck… Summary: Manufacturing – 30% Service & Support – 22% R & D – 20% Inventory – 8% Sales & Marketing – 8% Other – 12%


CMS is continuing to expand the shift to healthcare in the home. We are well positioned to take advantage of this industry shift. 2019 2020 2021 Income $2,620.47 $51,096.20 $170,008.81

exit strategy

Grow to meaningful revenue and be acquired. There will be a lot of consolidation in the industry in the years ahead. Estimate exit is 5 years.

Pitch Video


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