Company Contact: Daniel Burnett

Legal Entity Type: C-Corp

Company Type: Medical Device

Company Stage: FDA Approved / Early Launch

No. of Employees: 4

Desired Financial Amount: $2M


Company Background

Based on technology our of the Theranova incubator in San Francisco, JustAir was formed in San Antonio to take advantage of R&D and manufacturing expertise in San Antonio. The JustAir Pro device is the ONLY mask that is capable of preventing carbon dioxide toxicity while also preventing spread of viral particles to those around the potentially asymptomatic (or presymptomatic) user.


Daniel Burnett, MD, MBA- CEO Eduardo Quintinilla- Plant Manager

Board of directors

Daniel Burnett, MD, MBA- CEO Alan Chesler- Ehrenberg Chesler Capital Partners

Product / Service

disease area / application

Personal Protective Equipment

product / Service

When properly fit Elastomeric Half-mask Respirators (EHMRs) do a good job of filtering inhaled air and exhaled air but, even if professionally fit with the initial wear, the EHMR can lose its fit throughout the day. Also, the EHMR causes carbon dioxide retention in inhaled air (Rhee 2020), increase in facial temperatures and general discomfort. The JustAir EHMR with breath assist and continuous Fit Check Algorithm solves all of these problems by: 1) Providing N100 filtered air at a flow rate of ~100L/min to keep up with the users breathing even during exertion 2) Filtering exhaled air to N99 standards as verified by an outside lab (ICS, OH) 3) Continuously monitoring intramask pressure to immediately detect fit failure This combination makes the JustAir Pro the only solution to truly and comfortably protect the users and those around them…and at half the cost of most Powered air Purifying Respirators (PAPR).

technology / ip

Patented and patent pending on filtration of air blowing OUT of the EHMR and continuous fit check.

distribution channels

Seeking channels

market size

16M healthcare practitioners that wear PPE for more than 3 hours per day.


3M and other mask makers. No other mask provides N100 filtration of inhaled air and N99 filtration of exhaled air.


Desired financial amount


previous funding

$2.6M from investors, mostly in San Antonio. Submitted NIH grant for $1.7M

current financials

$15K per month burn awaiting NIOSH approval.

financial use

Build inventory and fill institutional sale following NIOSH approval.


Direct pay from hospitals and healthcare practitioners.

exit strategy

Sale to 3M or other mask company. NIOSH approval is expected to advance discussions and expedite a potential exit.

Pitch Video


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