Company Contact:

Legal Entity Type: S-Corp

Company Type: Manufacturing

Company Stage: Development

No. of Employees: 6

Desired Financial Amount: $450k


Company Background

Our technology is an advanced packaging company. We fabricated high density optical solutions. Our solution originated from designing imaging solutions for high energy physics. As a result we can image solutions at sub cellular level. Our tools allow imaging down to tens of microns versus millimeters.


Terence Collier is the president and owner with over 30 years in the semiconductor and packaging industry.

Board of directors

Terence Collier

Product / Service

disease area / application

cancer and diagnostic imaging.

product / Service

Our tool support higher resolution imaging systems. We can go sub cellular and non-invasive. Our tool would allow us to detect tumors and abnormal cell growth without going under the knife. Our imaging system allows for retrofits to existing tools.

technology / ip

Patent pending on imaging board

distribution channels

Direct contact to tool makers using our marketing teams. We also plan on attending medical shows.

market size

Market for medical imaging and high imaging solutions. This is a multibillion dollar market. And if we can reduce unecessary invasive surgeries an even higher dollar.


competitors are the existing tools. we want to approach and offer an improvement on the existing camera systems.


Desired financial amount


previous funding

$167k from DOE SBIR

current financials

Current financials dipped due to covid but are recovering. This would be a new venture we would spin off as an imaging business.

financial use

Building a complete imaging tool and taking on the road as a marketing show and tell.


No sales as of yet

exit strategy

This tool will be used to build an imaging company. We might also license the build concept as its applicable to DOD, DOE, electronics packaging and energy companies

Pitch Video


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