CM Formulations Inc

Company Contact:

Legal Entity Type: C-Corp

Company Type: Pharmaceutical

Company Stage: Development

No. of Employees: 1

Desired Financial Amount: 1-2 M


Company Background

CMFI was founded by John Wayne Kennedy (JWK), the inventor of its technology. He served as an Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) expert at the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) for 18 years. During that time he developed technologies that contributed to advancements in the treatment of and understanding of Lyme disease, Swine flu, and Human Nutrient Absorption. JWK was granted 3 patents on cellular use of Cationic Minerals and Ionic Salts that were specifically configured for use in Healthy Tissue of Plants, Animals and Humans. His mineral formulations have been proven effective in agriculture, and now CMFI is bringing that technology to human medicine.


Dougla Hanson CEO – PhD Chemistry, 25 years of experience in product development and business management Richard Godwin – Business Advisor, CEO Space Technology Holdings, Venture Partner Starbridge VC, Pres. AlumaPower USA Ron Kaiser – Business Advisor, Founder at RELM2, LLC Jane Brown, William Schroeder – Legal Advisors, Partners and Founders KSBIT legal.
Marietta Baglieri – Business Operations Advisor, Director, Contracts & Compliance: Space Technology Holdings, LLC (STH) Carl Grant – Economic Advisor, Business Development Advisor, Instructor & Consultant (former PwC & Cooley business development leader) Dr. Michael David MD – Medical Advisor, CEO at MD3 – Multidimensional Medical Consulting

Board of directors

Douglas Hanson Jane Brown Carl Grant Mark Kennedy – Executor of John Wayne Kennedy estate. Marietta Baglieri

Product / Service

disease area / application

Cancer Treatment, Wound and Burn Treatment

product / Service

The mineral solutions provided by CMFI offer unique benefits to both plant and human cells. This is accomplished through enhanced bioavailability that allows the cells access these minerals. The mineral solutions are a platform technology with many applications. Potential applications include, cancer treatment, accelerated burn and wound healing, pain relief, arthritis relief, as well as being useful as antifungal, and antimicrobial. The mineral solutions can be formulated into creams, gels, or administered directly as a liquid. The initial target market for this product is burn wounds. An animal study of a CMFI mineral cream was directly compared to Silvadine, the standard of care for burn wounds, and found to be superior in decreasing the size of the wound over a 21 day period.

technology / ip

CMFI mineral solutions are composed of 100% GRAS materials. They have been shown to be both safe and nontoxic. There are no harmful side effects to their use, and they can be administered alongside other traditional treatments. The USPTO has just given CMFI a notice of allowance for our most recent patent, covering formulations, methods of manufacture, and fields of use. CMFI is currently filing for coverage internationally.

distribution channels

CMFI is seeking to license the technology for market segments while conducting clinical testing for FDA approvals. Currently the technology is licensed to: Orbital Ag: US Agriculture Market, exclusive Minerals Rx: US Neutracutical Market, non-exclusive

market size

There are many potential markets that can be affected: Fertilizer, $18.6 B, 1.7% CAGR Oncology, $581 B, 8.2% CAGR Wound Care, $3.35 B, 9.9% CAGR Nutraceutical, $71.7 B, 8.7% CAGR Burns, $2.1 B, 6.9% CAGR Veterinary Medicine, $29.2 B, 7.4% CAGR Skin Care, $20 B, 4.2% CAGR


Initial Market: Burns The standard of care for burn wounds is the product Silvadine. In a direct comparison, our product showed an improvement in wound shrinkage while also showing similar antimicrobial properties. An additional potential strength of our product would be it pain reduction properties.


Desired financial amount

1-2 M

previous funding

$130 K in funding by founding members.

current financials

Current available cast is $45 K. Burn rate is approximately 5 K per month, which is allocated to cover fees associated with grant writing.

financial use

Funding will be used to build facilities for manufacturing and distribution, pay salaries and build sales and marketing capabilities.


Licensing Revenue Y1-5, 0, 20K, 120K, 300K, 500K Grant Revenue Y1-3, 1M, 4M, 5M Sales Revenue Y1-5, 0, 1M, 2M, 4M, 8M

exit strategy

Our plan is to continue to grow CMFI both nationally and internationally. As we get a foothold in the burn market, we will begin to expand upon product offering and enter into additional market segments.


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