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Strategic Accomplishments

BioMed SA is pursuing four core strategies to achieve its mission: to organize and promote San Antonio's healthcare and bioscience assets to accelerate growth of the sector and to enhance San Antonio's reputation as a city of science and health. While specific objectives and activities evolve from one year to the next, the organization's underlying strategies remain constant.

Strategy #1: Sustain and Grow the Local Industry

  • Developed a new collective vision for San Antonio’s biomedical sector “to be recognized as a global leader in healthcare and bioscience” as part of our strategic plan update in 2010, our 5th year in operation. 
  • Helped organize and sponsor Texas Public Radio’s two-week series of news reports in September 2010 on “Bioscience Breakthroughs” coming from San Antonio’s biomedical sector.  BioMed SA leveraged the series with a monthlong multi-media awareness campaign, including billboards and web marketing.
  • Drew 350 industry and community representatives to our 5th annual Julio Palmaz Award Dinner in September 2010.  Attracted prominent local news coverage and issued a nationwide wire service press release to promote Dr. Mauli Agrawal, UTSA Dean of Engineering, as our 2010 Palmaz Award winner.


Strategy #2: Attract New Biomedical Industry

  • Helped recruit California-based InCube Labs to San Antonio.  BioMed SA was the “portal” that first introduced founder Mir Imran to San Antonio and worked closely with community leaders to bring the recruitment to fruition.
  • Spoke on San Antonio’s successful 2009 recruitment of Medtronic Diabetes at the American Chamber of Commerce Executives Convention in Milwaukee in August 2010 and was featured in subsequent online interview.
  • Represented San Antonio’s biomedical industry during “San Antonio Days” at the Shanghai World Expo in May 2010.  BioMed SA also led a group of San Antonio medical industry representatives on Shanghai biomedical facility tours and meetings to raise awareness of San Antonio as a City of Science and Health and begin forging relationships with Chinese institutions and companies. 

Strategy #3: Attract, Grow and Retain Workforce Talent

  • Joined the new Alamo Region Executive Advisory Board of FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) to stimulate K-12 interest in science and technology through robotics competitions.  FIRST was founded by our 2009 Palmaz Award winner Dean Kamen.
  • Helped represent San Antonio’s bioscience community at the I-35 Corridor Life Sciences Workforce Summit in New Braunfels in August 2010 to identify gaps in meeting recruitment needs of the regional biomedical industry.
  • Promoted biomedical careers and employer needs to students and educators in multiple venues and awarded our first three scholarships to students pursuing nursing careers in partnership with the Bexar County Medical Society.


Strategy #4: Generate Funding and Resources for Industry and BioMed SA

  • Organized and moderated a free educational webinar with Fulbright & Jaworski in May 2010 on the new federal tax credit/grant for emerging bioscience companies as part of the new healthcare reform law.  Sixteen San Antonio companies went on to apply and receive grants in November 2010.
  • Spoke at inaugural San Antonio Life Science Institute Showcase in September 2010 to help draw media and legislative attention to the success of this collaborative research funding mechanism for UTSA and the Health Science Center and how the San Antonio community benefits from it. 

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