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BioMed SA Strategic Plan

Industry Vision (desired end state)
San Antonio is recognized as a global leader in healthcare and bioscience.

BioMed SA Mission
Accelerate growth of the healthcare and bioscience sector, create regional economic benefit, and contribute to the health of San Antonio and beyond by establishing San Antonio as a leader in healthcare and bioscience.

We will do this by:

  • Aligning and leveraging San Antonio's healthcare and bioscience assets
  • Promoting San Antonio as a city of science and health
  • Convening and connecting sector participants to foster collaboration
  • Identifying and mobilizing resources to fund sector growth
  • Building awareness of sector career opportunities, promoting the development of homegrown talent, and attracting outside talent

Strategies and Objectives

  • San Antonio will be a "magnet" and "destination" for biomedical companies, research talent, clinicians, educators, entrepreneurs, investors, health-related philanthropists, and consumers seeking advanced medical care.
  • San Antonio will be a fertile "breeding ground" for homegrown biomedical companies, research talent, clinicians, educators, entrepreneurs, investors, and health-related philanthropists, and will offer the advanced medical care its citizens need without having to go elsewhere.
  • San Antonio's healthcare and bioscience sector will be recognized as a powerful platform for launching medical cures and treatment initiatives in specific therapeutic areas, while maintaining the critical mass necessary to support emerging capabilities in any and all therapeutic areas.
  • San Antonio will consistently attract the brightest talent across the healthcare and bioscience industry including researchers, scientists, clinicians, entrepreneurs, and educators with entrepreneurial experience. We are first and foremost in their minds for employment.
  • San Antonio will have a high quality workforce by building the local infrastructure needed to develop homegrown talent and expose students at every level (P-16) to the educational and career opportunities available within the city's healthcare and bioscience sector.
  • San Antonio will be well funded for growing, developing and attracting healthcare providers, research organizations, health professions educational institutions, and established and emerging biomedical companies. Funding sources will include philanthropy, investment capital, research grants, government contracts, educational funding allocations, and medical tourism revenues from healthcare consumers coming from outside the region.
  • BioMed SA will demonstrate its value to the community and grow its resources to sustain itself as an organization through continuity of leadership, stability of management, and ongoing commitment of members and funders.
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