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SA biotech expands market opportunities with new products, brand
February 14, 2018

StemBioSys Inc. CEO Bob Hutchens said the company is making bold changes to gain bigger commercial audience for cell technologies. Carlos Javier Sanchez | SABJ

W. Scott Bailey, Senior Reporter, San Antonio Business Journal

StemBioSys Inc. is making multiple moves — including the launching a new brand — to improve and expand its commercial opportunities. 

The new brand, CELLvo, is expected to have wider commercial appeal. It will initially include at least two new products. The San Antonio-based biotech company is also expanding its portfolio of cell research technologies.

The company has developed an all-human version of its cell-expansion technology, which was previously marketed as BM-HPME and required the use of some animal byproducts. The new product will be branded the CELLvo Xeno-Free Matrix.

In addition, StemBioSys is launching its first cell product — isolated from human umbilical cord blood. The highly specialized cell has been shown to have a number of characteristics that make it superior to cells derived from more traditional sources. StemBioSys will apply its CELLvo Matrix technology to isolate and produce these cells in commercial quantities.

StemBioSys CEO Bob Hutchens said as the company has begun to expand its products and technologies, it needed a new brand identity that was “more comprehensive” and would reinforce its market positioning as the “next evolution in stem cell research.”

There are no plans to replace the StemBioSys brand.

“The corporate name has a fair amount of recognition within the regenerative medicine industry,” Hutchens told me. “We believe that retaining our overarching corporate identity as StemBioSys makes a lot of sense.”

StemBioSys plans to further expand its product offerings. The company has additional cell lines in various stages of development that will be rolled out over the next several months, Hutchens said. That expansion should give one of San Antonio’s more promising bioscience players increased national and international industry clout.

“Having more products will give us access to a broader range of researchers and customers than we had in the past,” Hutchens said. “CELLvo Matrix was developed in direct response to market demand.” 

The expansion, coupled with the new branding, will help StemBioSys better stand out in a crowded field, he said.

“With a broader product range, we are simply more important to our distributors, their sales forces and to end customers,” Hutchens said. “We have four other cell lines in development right now. I anticipate that three of these will be on the market in the next few months, and the fourth one will be on the market the second half of the year.”

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