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Xenex rolls out new disinfection pod for hospital equipment
June 13, 2017

Xenex is introducing its new product, the LightStrike Disinfection Pod, this week. The pod will be used to decontaminate hospital equipment that moves from room to room. Photo Courtesy Xenex

By Jesse Pound, Staff Writer, San Antonio Express-News

San Antonio medical device company Xenex Disinfection Services, is rolling out this week a new disinfection pod that use ultraviolet light technology to clean mobile hospital equipment that's used in multiple patient rooms.

The LightStrike Disinfection Pods, which resemble box-shaped tents, are mobile and collapsible so larger equipment can be disinfected quickly and easily in a hallway. The equipment is placed inside the pods, which have reflective fabric on the inside to ensure the UV cleans all of the item, the company plans to announce Tuesday.

The cleaning cycle of the pods takes five minutes, said spokeswoman Melinda Hart. Having the pods also allows hospitals to quickly disinfect equipment without shutting down an entire room to clean it, Hart said.

Xenex, founded in 2009, has previously specialized in germ-zapping robots that sterilize rooms in hospitals and nursing homes using ultraviolet light technology. The robots use pulsed xenon to destroy bacteria, viruses and spores, such as MRSA, that can live in hospitals. The disinfection pods bring the same technology to hospital items that move between rooms, such as wheelchairs and ventilators, the company said in a press release.

The pods were made in partnership with California-based Mintie Technologies, Inc., the company plans to announce Tuesday. Xenex is demonstrating the new product this week at the Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology Annual Conference in Portland, Oregon.

Xenex has been something of a venture capital darling in recent years, raising more than $75 million since 2012, according to SEC filings.


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