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Biotech firm Aperion Biologics ready to launch first device in Europe
December 4, 2014

Daniel Lee, CEO of Aperion Biologics Inc., is set to break into the European biotechnology market with its new Z-Lig ligament reconstruction device.

By W. Scott Bailey, San Antonio Business Journal

Aperion Biologics, one of several San Antonio-based bioscience firms that had an opportunity to pitch to potential investors on Thursday during the World Stem Cell Summit's inaugural RegMed Capital Conference, is only weeks away from rolling out its initial product.

Aperion also launched a new $10 million funding round to support its growth plans. RegMed refers to regenerative medicine.

Aperion is seeking to carve out its niche in a $2 billion human tissue products and technology market. In April, the company received the CE Mark for its Z-Lig ligament reconstruction device, which is based on a bone tendon construct. The regulatory approval clears the path for European commercialization.

Aperion, which was born several years ago under a different name in San Francisco, plans to begin marketing one version of the Z-Lig next month in at least four European countries.

"We have been working for so long, trying to have a product available commercially that can help patients and surgeons," Aperion CEO Daniel Lee told me after the RegMed presentation. He said the company plans to eventually commercialize two additional versions of the Z-Lig device.

"By the end of the year, we will be in seven to eight (European) countries," Lee said. "We've already started working in some countries with certain clinicians and sales people."

Lee, who said the Z-Lig could prove to be a "game changer" for sports medicine, expects that Aperion will conservatively generate roughly $4 million in sales in year one.


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