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Kenneth P. Trevett Re-elected BioMed SA Chair For 2014
January 9, 2014

San Antonio ⎯ As it begins its ninth year of operation, BioMed SA, the non-profit organization charged with promoting San Antonio's healthcare and bioscience industry, today announced its newly elected officers and Executive Committee (EC) for 2014. All terms are for one year.

Re-elected to chair the BioMed SA EC for a fourth term is Kenneth P. Trevett, JD, President & CEO of the Texas Biomedical Research Institute. Trevett joined the EC in 2008 and succeeded former San Antonio Mayor Henry Cisneros as Chair in 2011.

Newly elected as EC Vice Chair is Philip W. Faris, Jr., Managing Director of ProSavant International, a strategic consulting firm for the medical device and biotechnology sectors. Faris is also Executive Chairman & CEO of Innovative Trauma Care (iTraumaCare), a medical device company which operates its US headquarters in San Antonio. Faris joined the BioMed SA EC in 2012 and has served on both its Palmaz Award Committee and Nominating Committee, which he chaired in 2013.

Returning for his seventh term as EC Secretary/Treasurer is Richard Perez, President of the San Antonio Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber launched BioMed SA in 2005, and Perez joined the Executive Committee in 2008 shortly after being named Chamber president.

Ann Stevens continues in her executive role as President of BioMed SA.

Elected to the EC for the first time in 2014 is Mario Hernandez, President of the San Antonio Economic Development Foundation. He joins returning EC members Dr. Louis Agnese, Dr. Mauli Agrawal, John Benedict, Ian Clements, Steven Davis, MD, Walter Downing, T. Patrick Duncan, Phil Faris, Dr. Randy Goldsmith, Col. Bonnie Hartstein, MD, William Henrich, MD, Dr. Bruce Leslie, Linda Myers, Jeff Ruiz, Sharon Smith, Whitney Solcher, Ken Trevett, and Jaime Wesolowski, along with ex officio members Mayor Julian Castro, Judge Nelson Wolff, Henry Cisneros and Richard Perez. (See for the organizations and sectors these individuals represent)


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