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Top Specialists in Alzheimer Disease
November 14, 2013

Nov. 14, 2013 - PALO ALTO, Calif. -- As part of its ongoing program to highlight excellence in the health sciences, is pleased to announce its inaugural ranking of the top institutions and individual specialists for Alzheimer disease. This degenerative disease of the brain affects as many as 5 million Americans and is the 6th leading cause of death in the United States. With no cure currently available, this disease inflicts a huge emotional toll and burden the patient, the family and the healthcare system.

As part of National Alzheimer Disease Awareness Month, honors these five individual experts and institutions ( for demonstrating the greatest expertise and knowledge in the field of Alzheimer disease research:

Leading Experts - Alzheimer Disease
1. George Perry - University of Texas, San Antonio
2. Xiongwei Zhu - Case Western Reserve University
3. Jeffrey Cummings - Cleveland Clinic - Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health
4. Kaj Blennow - Goteborg University
5. Philip Scheltens - Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Leading Institutions - Alzheimer Disease
1. Case Western Reserve University
2. Columbia University
3. Karolinska Institutions
4. University of California San Diego
5. University of Pennsylvania

We would also like to mention that the field of Alzheimer research suffered a terrible loss in December 2010 with the passing of Dr. Mark Smith of Case Western Reserve ( His contributions to the understanding and treatment of this terrible disease will not be forgotten.

To view Expertscape's comprehensive results for Alzheimer disease covering hundreds of institutions and thousands of specialists worldwide, visit

The Expertscape medical search and ranking solution uses objective algorithms to identify the most knowledgeable and experienced physicians, clinicians and researchers across over 26,000 specific topics, stratified by geography. With Expertscape, healthcare consumers can quickly and easily find the top experts within their travel area, and then learn more about their expertise and knowledge. Expertscape defines an expert as someone who has published peer-reviewed research in the science, therapies, and complications a specific medical topic. To search on any medical topic, visit the Expertscape website.


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